The PRIMA Initiative

An integrated programme on food systems and water resources for the development of inclusive, sustainable and healthy Euro-Mediterranean societies – The PRIMA Initiative

The two most pressing key socio-economic issues of the Mediterranean area are related to the management of food systems and water resources. The Partnership in Research and Innovation in the Mediterranean Area (PRIMA) focuses on providing solutions to citizens’ concerns for ensuring food and water security in an ecologically sustainable with the potential to guarantee long-term impact on human well-being, stable societies, job creation, good health and welfare in the Mediterranean area while addressing environmental pressures.

In close interaction with all the European actors and international organizations involved in the development of Euro-Mediterranean Partnership, PRIMA will develop a large range of activities aimed at achieving its objectives to increase the sustainability and efficiency of Food systems and Water Resources.

The PRIMA Programme will include the following activities:

  • Joint Calls for Collaborative research
  • Networking, coordination, alignment, collaboration and integration of national research programmes and activities
  • Capacity development for research and innovation in Mediterranean Partner Countries through grants
  • Mobility programmes
  • Networking activities and exchange of good practices amongst the participating states
  • Brokerage, programme promotion and networking activities with other stakeholders (investors, research and innovation providers, intermediaries) to widen participation from beneficiaries in all Participating States and to connect supply and demand-side organisations and investors.

Greece is an active partner in the PRIMA Initiative working in synergy with all other PRIMA member states in order to materialize the abovementioned actions. The Institute of Applied Biosciences has been appointed as scientific advisor for Greece in the PRIMA initiative, offering scientific input based on expertise in biotechnological innovation and also participating in the selection of the overall directions of the initiative and the prioritization of actions.


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