Informatics for Big Bio-Data


Research activities of the Information, computational sciences and Communication Technologies (ICT) axis at INAB entail the use of enabling technologies and systems  based on telematics and informatics technologies which on the one hand support the needs of management, analytics, simulation and understanding of the function of biological systems from all species in basic biomedical and biomolecular research, and on the other hand enable the formation of an eHealth ecosystem covering all the levels of a health delivery system using a wide scale of medical devices and tailored made software used for monitoring, diagnosis, prevention and therapy. This approach is expected to promote and certify the coordination and connection of all the components of the health care delivery system, but also the components residing outside the health care certified institutions (such as home, or working environment). In this way we expect to implement the baseline for personalized and translational medicine and form a robust environment for carrying out quality controlled clinical trials for the production of evidence based medicine.

Information and computer sciences:

  • Big data management and analytics
  • Biomedical information processing and interpretation
  • In-silico modeling and simulation of multi-level – multiscale biological systems
  • Hybrid, in silico and real-life experimental procedures for personal health systems development
  • Connected health
  • Clinical trials support


Research & Development Projects

Cloud4all — Cloud platforms Lead to Open and Universal access for people with Disabilities and for All

universAAL — Universal open platform and reference Specification for ambient assisted living

REMOTE — Remote health and social care for independent living of isolated elderly with chronic conditions