CASTOR bean (JONAH seed) cultivation in central Macedonia, Greece and industrial exploitation of its derivatives towards biofuel production

Funding Body: ESPA
Greece – Israel Call for Proposals for Joint R&D Projects

The main goal of the Jonah-Fuel project is to identify cultivars suitable for cultivation in central Macedonia, North Greece, and collect data to facilitate the breeding of even better cultivars. At the same time it focuses on exploita-tion of potential uses of castor oil and castor bean residuals towards fuels production via thermochemical refinery processes. In the long term this project will facilitate the development of high quality varieties for elite end prod-ucts. Incorporation of these castor oil products and residuals in conventional refineries is aimed at converting this alternative renewable feedstock to biofuels. All these studies in turn, will boost local economies and fuel rural de-velopment in marginal, erosion-prone and abandoned lands of the area.


Zoe Hilioti
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