Antonios Makris

Born in 1963 in Thessaloniki, he studied Biology in St. Cloud State University in Minessota and did an M.Sc. in General and Medical Microbiology in University College London. Returned to Greece to do his Ph.D. in the University of Athens Medical School where he worked on the characterization of microbial factors involved in liver specific autoimmune disease. He then moved to Fox Chase Cancer Center in Philadelphia to work with P. Tsichlis on the mechanisms of signal transduction during in virus-induced pathogenesis.

In 1995 joined MAICh as the Coordinator of the Department of Natural Products and Biotechnology. His research since 1996 focused on
a) Mechanisms of oxidative stress and programmed cell death in plants and model eukaryotes.
b) the Molecular biology and Biotechnology  of secondary metabolism in aromatic and medicinal plants with emphasis on endemic plants of the Mediterranean region.
c) Yeast Biotechnology and Metabolic Enineering for the production of high added value products of plant origin and as alternative biofuel resources.

In September 2008 he joined the Institute of Agrobiotechnology/Center for Research & Technology, Hellas as Senior Researcher A’ and vice-director, focusing on the Biotechnology of Secondary metabolism and the biology of oxidative stress.

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Contact Info

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