Christina Karamanidou

Position: Postdoctoral Researchers

Christina Karamanidou is a post-doctoral researcher at the Institute of Applied Biosciences at CERTH (Center for Research and Technology Hellas), in Thessaloniki, Greece. Currently she is co-supervising CERTH’s (The Centre for Research and Technology, Hellas) and ERIC’s (European Research Initiative on CLL) CLL patient empowerment program. She is also a part-time lecturer at the Department of Social and Educational Policy, University of Peloponnese and a guest lecturer at the University of Athens and the National School of Public Health in Greece. Dr Karamanidou studied psychology at the University of Hull, UK then obtained a masters degree in health psychology from the University of Bath, UK and completed her PhD at the health psychology unit, at King’s College London, UK (2006). In 2007 she worked as a post-doctoral researcher at the Center for Behavioral Medicine, School of Pharmacy, University College London, UK. Since 2008 she has participated in a number of National and European projects in the areas of science communication, public health, health and education, health promotion and policy. Her current research interests include: psychological dimensions of chronic illness, illness and treatment perceptions; doctor–patient communication; treatment adherence; quality of life; and patient empowerment in care.

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